I Want a Website: Do you want to build an elegant website at just $55/Hour?

I Want a Website: Do you want to build an elegant website at just $55/Hour?
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Technology and software

Wubur - A Software Development, Web-based Hosting, Digital Service Company

Software Development

Multi-Purposed Software Solutions

Website Design
Websites on Best Proper Stack
CMS Solutions
Modern Mobile Apps
API Integration
DApp Development

Web-based Hosting Provider

Don't miss a chance to benefit combination of Hosting and Software development!

Web Application Development

Not to be confused with web development, Wubur specializes in Core PHP application development. While we are extremely verssed in website development as well, our niche really shines with building online customer web applications for speicfic client needs.

We offer free online consultations, our primary languages are Python, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Pearl, MySQL, HTML, C, C#, Java, Swift, any many others.

Social Media Management

Comprehensive management of your of your online interactions and content across all social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, etc.

SEO Analytics Services

While visitors are on your website, we'll keep track of content they enjoy or disregard to help you prioritize your pages and offerings. Our SEO reports include statistics for social media interaction, search engine rankings (local, domestic, and international), traffic sources and destinations, and highly specific demographical data.

Third Party Support
For Service Industries

Live Chat
Your customers speak to a real human based in the U.S that can help with sales, and service.
Inbound & Outbound Call
Basic sales, service, and technical support assistance via U.S based phone support just for you.
Send spontaneous or pre-scheduled texts to your customers.
Credit Card Processing
Easily accept payments via card or bank account right from your website or app.
Extra Features

Richness of Wubur Products

Expert Typography
Your site’s typography will benefit from beautiful fonts.
Fast Loading Speed
With high pagespeed scores your website will load in the blink of an eye.
SEO Optimization
All elements are fully optimized to help your site compete with other similar ones in search engine results.
Cross-browser Adaptability
We run thorough tests on different browsers to ensure optimal performance on all devices.
Prompt Support
Any issues will be solved promptly by our professionals.
Abundant Shortcodes
A wide ranging of shortcodes are added for assisting users.

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success