I Want a Website: Do you want to build an elegant website at just $55/Hour?

I Want a Website: Do you want to build an elegant website at just $55/Hour?
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How does this Wubur Advertising Work?

Wubur provides comprehensive advertising services for small businesses that wish to leverage cost per click campaigns to generate the most for their money. We specialize in Google Adwords.
We’re available for 8 hours a day!
Contact to require a detailed analysis and assessment of your plan.
Guaranteed Results
Wubur is a certified google partner. We guarantee our results on a daily basis with you always in the loop.
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In Depth Research
We'll provide you with a generalized report of the keywords that we will target on your behalf, guaranteeing results.
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Weekly Updates
Don't just take our word for it. Let us show you the results with our weekly analytical updates outlining exactly what we did.
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Google Ads


Allowing Wubur to manage your adwords campaign or any of your ad campaigns gets you the best results. We're a google partner, and manage over 1,200 general campaigns across google, facebook, twitter, and reddit.

Google adwords is great! Wubur is a google partner managing over 1200 accounts. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an exceptional experience for each and every customer we work with. Google adwords, while somewhat pricey, provides an excellent solution to generating people to your website, and on your phone quickly, and effeceintly.
By creating a bad campaign you run the risk of spending money on your ad that won't generate traffic, or if it does, it's not generating very much. Google adwords is like an artform. We manage, and research on your behalf each day to confirm and compare historically the data that we see from your campaigns. By revieiwng this data we're able to determine which keywords are doing awesome, and which aren't. It's an excellent solution for small to medium sized companies that want to generate quick traffic to a specific page, or service.

Facebook ads are a great way to share information with people of a specific gender, age group, or physical location. While they compete closely with google ads, they provide additional insights, and details that google isn't able to compete with. Facebook ads creates a bit of a deeper experience when targetting specific groups of people, allowing you to target them based on religion, race, or even sex.
Wubur manages your facebook ads to generate traffic not just to your website, but also your facebook page. One of the most important aspect to a good looking facebook page are those high like counts! Let Wubur mange your facebook ads with your google ads and we'll manage your budget to get you the best of both worlds.

Need to reach an audience of a specific type? Twitter is the premier spot to target groups of people. Nothing beats targetting a whole movement.

We are not currently providing ad services for twitter.

We're not locked down by the big three. Wubur provides advertising on youtube, amazon, ebay, etc. We're everywhere you want to be. Locally or globally.

We are not currently providing ad services for any platform other than google, and facebook.
Advertising pricing plans


  • 2 Keywords
  • Up to $500/mo
  • Guaranteed Results
  • 75 Keywords
  • Up to $10,000/mo
  • Guaranteed Results

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