I Want a Website: Do you want to build an elegant website at just $55/Hour?

I Want a Website: Do you want to build an elegant website at just $55/Hour?
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How does this Live Chat Services Work?

Comprehensive live chat coverage for your business. Your customers speak to a real human based in the U.S that can help with sales, and service.
We’re available for 8 hours a day!
Contact to require a detailed analysis and assessment of your plan.
Wubur live chat provides trained U.S based representitives trained for your business just the way you want.
Service & Support
Wubur U.S chat representitives can provide service and support needs based on your business and your industry.
Business Vision Success
Wuburs U.S Chat representitives also provide the best sales and pre-order support anyone could ask for. Taylored to you.
Marketing Product Launch

Data Management

Wubur uses live chat software to not only communicate with website visitors, but also track trends, and take notice so we can help you better understand your visitor data.

  • Daily Visitor analytics for you based on who we spoke with.
  • Common questions & Trends to better help you write your help docs.
  • We work when it's convienient for you, based off your schedule.
Wubur Live Chat

Trained. For you!

Every business is unique, including yours. Wubur staff are trained specifically to your companies needs to ensure we provide the best experience possible.

Giving Quotes
It can be difficult, but Wubur will work with you to create a pricing and discount sheet so we can always close the deal!
Modular Services
You can mix and match our products so you have full live chat coverage, and phone support. Making your small business ready for anything.
Live Chat Pricing Plan


  • No minimum hours per day
  • Training included
  • Daily reports

The cost of the chat pack is greately reduced when paired with other services

  • 24/7 coverage available
  • Complete Training
  • U.S based agents

Our enterprise package comes with both Chat & call center support.

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success